Lara M. Wierenga, PhD

Leiden University


MRI, brain development, sex effects, longitudinal modeling, R, freesurfer
Science doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Understanding the brain is vital to the way we view the world, and the way we view the world shapes the way we understand the brain.

Lara Wierenga is an assistant professor at Leiden University. She studies individual differences in brain development. Her most recent work is devoted to a better understanding of genetic and environmental sex effects on brain development. With her research she aims to get a better understanding of why some children are more vulnerable to develop disorders than others, and how sex plays a role in this. To do so she studies sensitive windows in development in addition to sex differences in the brain.

Development matters | Leiden-CID study

This study was developed as one of four work packages of the overarching Consortium on Individual Development (CID).

CID is a large multidisciplinary collaboration that unites the best researchers on youth and development in the Netherlands.
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