Lina van Drunen, MSc

Leiden University & Erasmus University Rotterdam


(f)MRI, brain development, genetic modeling, longitudinal models, R, Mplus
We should focus on sensitive windows during child development to better understand which environmental factors can play a role in brain plasticity

Lina van Drunen is a PhD candidate at Leiden University and Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is studying individual differences in genetic and environmental effects on structural brain development. Lina wants to find out how variations in brain development are sensitive to puberty and sex. Furthermore, she aims to unravel individual differences in sensitive periods of brain development where musical capability might have heightened effects on brain plasticity. Besides feeling the rush of science, she gets her adrenaline from playing several sports and loves a bit of mind wandering after a good movie.

Development matters | Leiden-CID study

This study was developed as one of four work packages of the overarching Consortium on Individual Development (CID).

CID is a large multidisciplinary collaboration that unites the best researchers on youth and development in the Netherlands.
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