Mara van der Meulen, PhD

Leiden University


prosocial behavior, social exclusion, brain development, fMRI, behavioral genetics
The complexity of human social behaviour can only be understood through large-scale multi-modal multi-informant studies such as Leiden-CID.

Mara van der Meulen is a postdoctoral researcher at Leiden University. After completing her PhD thesis on prosocial behavior and social exclusion in middle childhood, she is now investigating longitudinal trajectories of prosocial behavior from middle childhood to adolescence. She is also interested in development of underlying neural responses to prosocial behavior, and how these responses change as children grow into adolescents. She also enjoys reading several novels at once and taking long hikes.

Development matters | Leiden-CID study

This study was developed as one of four work packages of the overarching Consortium on Individual Development (CID).

CID is a large multidisciplinary collaboration that unites the best researchers on youth and development in the Netherlands.
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