Stephan Heunis, PhD

Leiden University


fMRI analysis, data quality, data visualization, Python, MATLAB, JavaScript, research software engineering, research data management
A git commit a day keeps your scientific data and software problems away :)

Stephan is a part-time postdoctoral research engineer at Leiden University and at the SYNC lab at Erasmus University Rotterdam, where he focuses on building reproducible analysis pipelines and data management processes for neuroimaging data. He is passionate about brains, accessible education, and making scientific practice more transparent and inclusive. For the majority of his time, Stephan works as a Research Data and Software Engineer at the Forschungszentrum J├╝lich in Germany, focusing on open source software solutions for neuroinformatics and decentralized research data management.

Development matters | Leiden-CID study

This study was developed as one of four work packages of the overarching Consortium on Individual Development (CID).

CID is a large multidisciplinary collaboration that unites the best researchers on youth and development in the Netherlands.
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